About Us

About Us

Welcome from the Head of School

Dear Parents,

It is a joy to welcome you to Traders Point Christian Schools. I am glad you are considering TPCS for your student. Our mission is to challenge and educate students within the framework of a Biblical worldview while leading them to a personal faith and transformed life in Jesus Christ. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I can guarantee you the following for every child that is part of the Traders Point family:

Your child will be loved. Every faculty member, coach and administrator is called here by God to love the children that are under our care. We know and pray for each child by name.

Your child will be challenged. We will challenge them to grow in wisdom, to grow in knowledge and to grow in favor with the Lord.

Your child will be prepared and equipped. We will equip them with the tools they need to be successful in this life and for eternity, and we will prepare them to use those gifts they have been given.

Your child will be treated as the individual they are. We believe that God has made every child uniquely. We don’t believe children should be made to move at the same pace, look the same or conform to one mold. We build our educational and spiritual formation process so your child will reach their highest individual potential.

The vision of Traders Point Christian Schools is: TPCS will prepare and equip students to reach their highest individual potential and impact the world for Christ. You can see this vision reflected in the four statements above.

How do we accomplish this lofty vision and mission? We are a school that believes in best practices in all that we do. As one example, in educational methodology we are organized as a Professional Learning Community (PLC). The three main tenets that drive us as an educational institution are:

We exist as a school for students to learn. We are successful only when we develop systems and methodologies that allow each student to reach their individual potential.

We learn with and from each other. Teachers meet weekly by discipline and/or grade level to compare, learn and strategize on how we can help each student learn the concepts and materials they need to be successful.

We will use real data, not good intentions, to drive our work as educators. We measure everything we can and then use the data to drive adjustments.

Traders Point Christian Schools uses best practices not only in educational methodology but also in every area of the school.

If you are in the process of deciding about where your child should spend the majority of their formative years, I would encourage you to consider Traders Point. The average child in Indiana spends more that 1,000 hours per year in school. They will become like the people they spend time with and I believe there is no better place for them than Traders Point Christian Schools!

Serving Him,

Dr. Blair Dowden

Interim Head of School, Traders Point Christian Schools

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