About Us

About Us

Why Choose Traders Point

"Traders Point Christian Schools will prepare and equip students to reach their highest individual potential to impact the world for Christ."

Area families have many different, academically strong options to consider in central Indiana for their students. Traders Point is unique in a number of ways that we believe set us apart among our peer schools.

Academic strength and opportunities

Smaller class sizes and low student-teacher ratio means stronger student/teacher bonds and hands on learning.

The Professional Learning Community teaching methodology focuses on individual student learning, not just teachers teaching.

Three full accreditations: the Association of Christian Schools International, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools through AdvancEd, and Indiana as a Freeway School.

We offer dozens more classes than are required to graduate in Indiana through our expert  faculty and partnerships with Indiana University, Indiana Wesleyan University and Sevenstar, a biblically integrated, fully accredited provider of blended learning online courses.

Students may earn 1-2 years of college credit while still attending Traders Point via AP and dual-credit courses.

Daily schedule that maximizes learning, flexible for individual class needs and provides time every day for academic support and enrichment based on each student’s needs.

TPCHS awards an Indiana Core 40 diploma (or Core 40 with Academic Honors), with the Indiana seal. Some area schools may follow the Core 40 for course offerings, but they do not award an Indiana diploma.

The smaller community at Traders taught our alumni to self-advocate and develop strong relationships with their teachers. They have confidence to work closely with their college professors - a confidence many of their peers do not have. Alumni say this is a key to their success.

We intentionally chose Spanish as our world language. This best prepares our students to impact the world for Christ.


Biblical Integration and Instruction

Full biblical worldview integration into all subject areas. You can study the Bible, or you can be immersed in a biblical worldview all day, every day. Only in a Christian school can students learn, see and practice their faith at this level.

We lead students to ask the tough questions of faith and find those answers while still in the loving environment of their home, church and school.  In short, before they leave for college.

We explore many different worldviews AND compare them to biblical truth. Our students learn to identify these in our culture and battle the constant lies in our society that will attack their faith if left unidentified. This skill is not taught in most other schools.


J-Term and Service

Traders Point Christian High School offers a January Term (J-Term) that includes travel, service, instructional and experiential learning. We are preparing students to discover God's purpose for their lives and to serve God without fear or hesitation.

Our Spanish Immersion J-Term to Nicaragua is very unique.  Students are immersed in the Spanish language and develop personal bonds with Nicaraguan people. They learn about others and themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone.

Our College Exploration J-Term provides our students with the very unique chance to visit many different sizes and types of universities within a short time, away from home, giving them a great frame of reference to make the best college choice.

Local service J-Term options help students learn to look for needs at home too, and meet needs in Christ’s name.

Our students also participate in other service opportunities throughout the school year in our community.


Guidance Services

Smaller graduating classes means our guidance counselor knows our students. They will never be a number or faceless.

Most schools have visiting colleges for students to talk with.  We also take our students to the annual National College Fair downtown, with over 250 universities and career options represented.

Through Bible class, our 11th graders take “Introduction to Life Calling” and explore their future through God’s lens, seeking how they are created, not just what the world says is a good job.

Our 12th graders take Career Info and Exploration. We help them write all those college applications and make sure the essays are top notch and submitted on time. That’s a load off of our parents’ plates.

Because we know our students, we help guide them to the best scholarship opportunities.

We have all ages from 18 months through high school on campus. Cadet teaching is on-site and there for any grade level our students want to explore.


Extra-Curricular Opportunities

While others may offer more fine arts or athletic choices, we offer participation--the opportunity to be part of teams and groups that aren’t available at larger schools because so many students try out.

Through the strength of our coaches we often play schools, sometimes nationally ranked, that are well outside our school size. This builds college playing opportunities and the scholarships that go with that.

Our size makes us flexible. Students can get together and request clubs, classes, opportunities and we can often make those things happen.


Partnership with Traders Point Christian Church

Traders Point Christian Schools has a partnership with Traders Point Christian Church (TPCC), one of the 100 fastest growing churches in America. Better yet than their strength of support for us is the strong faith and stability of their leadership and their focus on Christ. Few area schools have a church partner, let alone one like TPCC.


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