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Student Mentor Program

Any adult that looks back on their time as a student can always point to a teacher, coach, parent, or youth leader that helped them navigate their way through life, especially in adolescence. Traders Point intentionally hires adults that have a heart to invest their time and hearts into the lives of students. Our teachers, staff and coaches love Jesus, and it is their greatest desire to show Jesus' love  so that each of our students come to know and love Him.

Our Student Mentor program involves our students in middle school, junior high and high school. Each student is assigned to a mentor once they reach grade 7 and our goal is that they would remain with that mentor through their high school years. Groups of 8-10 students are assigned to each mentor. Faculty members and some administrators and staff lead their assigned students through both small group and individual mentoring. In the middle school (grades 5-6) this is accomplished through Homeroom. These groups allow students to further discuss chapel topics in a more intimate setting, as well as provide opportunities for mentors to track their students’ progress in school, both academically and socially.

In addition, mentor groups serve together on regularly scheduled community service dates and also whenever they become aware of a need and choose to serve to meet that need. Serving together is another great way for students to connect with their mentor and each other.