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Let It Shine Athlete of the Week


MS Girl's Basketball Let it Shine Athlete of the Year 2018-2019


Ini Odelowo has been selected as the MS girls basketball Let It Shine Athlete.  She has shown leadership on our team. She has assisted in guiding and encouraging our younger and less experienced players with thoughtful and respectful advice. In a recent time out during our game she mentioned that we needed to settle ourselves and start making our shots. She returned into the game and delivered on those words with a two point shot that turned our team toward a more positive game outcome. She listens well to instruction from her coach and fellow team members so that she can improve individually and help others shine on the team as well.

—Coach Simmons 

JH Girl's Basketball Let it Shine Athlete of the Year 2018-2019


Emmy Frye is one of our team Captains for a very good reason, she has a strong work ethic and always strives for the team and herself to be better.  She has a very Christ like spirit... she has written and lead our team's devotion and is always one of the 1st to volunteer to lead the team and game prayer.  It is a joy and pleasure to have this young lady help lead our team. 

--Coach Hubble


MS Cheer Let it Shine Athlete of the Year 2018-19


Coach Brittany Garriott and Monica Johnson have nominated Mariah Strange and Madison Fishback as the MS Cheer Let it Shine Athletes of the season.


Mariah is one of our shine athletes of the year for 5/6 cheer. She is a very hard worker. Mariah always has a kind word for everyone. She always has a good attitude and is willing to work hard at learning new things. She show’s respect for her coaches and teammates. Mariah has a Christ like spirit that shines through at each practice and game.


Mady is another one of our shine athletes of the year for 5/6 cheer. She always has a smile on her face and a encouraging word for her teammates. She is a quick learner when it comes to our cheers and is always helping the other girls improve. Her dedication to the team shines. Mady's joyful spirit exemplifies Christ on and off the court.



MS Boys Let It Shine Athlete 2018-2019


Coach Mike Adkins has nominated AZ Wallace as the MS Boys Basketball Let It Shine Athlete of the year.  AZ has shown to be the student athlete that has stood up and taken the role of leader on the MS boys basketball team.  He is guiding the younger players as well as his peers.  He is respectful, courteous, and selfless on the court and off the court with his peers.  We are very fortunate to have him on the team and as a brother in Christ at TPCA. Congrats AZ!!



JH Boys Basketball Let It Shine Athlete 2018


Coach Scott White has selected Mason Smith as the JH basketball Let It Shine Athlete this season.  Mason has shown incredible effort, hustle, and improvement over the past two weeks. Mason is definitely leading by example and has taken much of the coaches advice and put that into motion. His attitude towards the coaches and players during practices and games is something our team should strive emulate.  Mason is also leading off the court with his performance in the classroom. He is setting the standard for what we expect from our JH Golden Eagle players.  Congrats Mason!!!


JH Cheer Let It Shine Athlete 2018:


Coach Baker has selected Campbell Brockett as the JH Cheer Let It Shine Athlete. 

Campbell has gone above and beyond to show her dedication to our squad during the football and basketball seasons. She leads her squad with such kindness and encouragement, and shows Christ in all that she does. She is an extremely hard worker and truly embodies the role of a Godly student athlete.  Congrats Campbell!!!!



MS Soccer Let It Shine Award 2018


Coach Jon Wassner has award Titus Falk the Let It Shine Athlete Award for MS Soccer.  Titus displayed all the characteristics of the Let it Shine award.  Titus set an example for work ethic, sportsmanship, and willingness to do whatever was required for the success of our team.  The MS team was full of young men and women eager to grow and improve, but Titus stood out as a model teammate in all realms; physical, mental, and spiritual.  Congratulations Titus!




JH Soccer Let It Shine Award 2018


Quinton Brooks

Coach Rob Worl has selected Quinton Brooks for the JH Soccer team Let It Shine Award.  The JH soccer team theme verse for the year is Colossians 3:23 'Whatever you do, work whole heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.'  Quinton epitomizes this verse on and off the field with a level of effort that is second to none.  His teammates know they can count on him to make the right play.  His coaches know that they can count on him to be a leader.  It is an honor to have Quinton the team.  



5-8th Grade Cross Country Let It Shine Athlete 2018


Anna Carr

Coach Rae Schaffer has selected Anna Carr as the 5-8th grade Cross Country Let It Shine Athlete of the year.  In her first year running Cross Country, Anna has taken to both the rigor of the sport and the spirit of teamwork.  While her ability on the course speaks for itself - posting a season best 3K time of 15:04 at the most recent meet - Anna's strength in encouraging others and pointing our team to the Audience of One as we run for God's glory is what makes her the Let It Shine athlete for the week.  Her gift of edification, her willingness to give her best at practices and in competitions, and her positive response in light of difficult circumstances make our team better.  Congradulations Anna!!!!



5-8th Grade Football Let It Shine Athlete 2018


Sheldon Hackett

Sheldon is often the smallest on the field but has a competitive spirit about him that makes his teammates better.  He battles on the field with that spirit and expects to be perfect in his position.  He has a heart for others and is the first to ask about others before worrying about himself.  



Max Harris

Max is a cheerful soul who makes everyone around him laugh.  He joined the team after school started and immediately fit in with his teammates, Max is willing to try anything on the field and looks for ways to help his teammates and coaches.  He never has a bad thing to say about a play, game or opponent but instead chooses to look at the positives and ways to improve.



JH Volleyball Let It Shine Athlete 2018


Coach Kimberly Bollinger has chosen Abby Langford for the Let it Shine Athlete Award for Junior High Volleyball. She leads others with quiet strength, dignity and maturity.  Her spirit shines on and off the court with gentle kindness. She works hard to achieve her goals with great athleticism and encourages those around her to achieve their potential as well. Her desire to follow the Lord shines through in all she sets her heart upon. We have all been blessed by the Spirit of the Lord in her.  Congratulations Abby!!!



MS Volleyball Let It Shine Athlete 2018:


Coach Mike Hubble has selected Savannah LaFave for the MS Volleyball Let it Shine Athlete.  Savannah LaFave is one of Coach Hubble's more experienced Volleyball players and has the wonderful gift of a great attitude that is contagious. If she has had a bad day, you would never know it.  Savannah is a great representative of the "Fruit of the Spirit", a great asset to the team, and is always willing to help others.  Congratulations Savannah!



























JH Baseball 'Let it Shine' Athlete:


Coach Brendon Saget has selected TJ Tague as the 'Let it Shine' Athlete for this Spring season.  Tj Tague has started this season off with little to no experience but has put together a great season so far. His willingness to let go and let God do the rest is something that will excel him to the next level. He has been a great asset to the team athletically and spiritually with his willingness to always step up to pray for our team. Congratulations TJ!!!!



The MS/JH Track and Field Team 'Let it Shine' Athletes:

Coach Shane Otis has chosen Hayla Barton and Joshua Sexauer for this season 'Let it Shine' Athlete award!!!
Hayla Barton is an absolute joy to have on the track team. It is obvious to all that she loves the sport and wants to do her best in practice in preparation for competing well. Her favorite event is the 100 meter hurdles. She honors God when she runs because He is the one that gave her the ability. Aside from track, Hayla also participates in theater and will play Mother Abbess in an upcoming play of The Sound Of Music. 

Joshua Sexauer is one of our newest additions to the track team. The coaches quickly agreed that "this kid can run fast". Joshua works hard at every practice, rain or shine, inside or out.  He has become the go to guy when we need someone to run fast, whether a 100, 200 or 400. Joshua's attitude is infectious, anyone that is around him will be challenged to do their best as well. He is doing so well, he is now wanting to venture into the 110 meter hurdles. We can't wait!!!!

JH Winter Cheerleading; Olivia Hall

Coach Ashley and Coach Allison have selected Olivia Hall as the Let it Shine Athlete for JH Winter Cheerleading.  Olivia is a kind, vivacious and sweet spirited leader to our squad. She thrives in being in relationship with others and extending a helping hand or a warm hug whenever she can. We love her sense of optimism and trying new things. Olivia is a natural born leader to the JH cheerleading squad and has excelled in her new role as Co-Captain. Not only does Olivia possess leader qualities but also those of a great role model and spiritual leader for us all. Thank you Olivia for sharing your beautiful gifts with us!

JH girls Basketball 'Let it Shine' Athlete:'

Coach Joe Busald has chosen Raegan Smith as the JH girls basketball 'Let it Shine' athlete this season.  Raegan displays excellent team work and has a great attitude on and off the court.  She is also always willing to help her teammates when needed.  She embodies Hebrews 12:16: 'Do not neglect to do good and share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.'

MS girls Basketball 'Let it Shine' Athlete (take two):

Amanda Quilhot (6th grader) represents the the 'Fruit of the Spirit', is one of our Team Captains, and she is the biggest Cheerleader for everyone on our team.  She has shown her leadership abilities from day one on the Middle School team.   Amanda has a strong desire to improve, not only personally but she has come to me on occasions to discuss what we can do better as a team.  She has an infectious smile, a great attitude/personality, and if she has ever had a bad day, you would never know it.  She is the base of our team.

MS girls Basketball 'Let it Shine' Athlete:

Audrey Butler is Coach Mike Hubble's nomination for the 'Let it Shine' Athlete this season.  Audrey has exuded excitement and energy.  Her positive attitude has had an effect on the team.  She is very coachable, works hard, and excited to learn the game.  Every time I look to her she is in ready mode.  Any coach would be happy to have that type of attitude on their team.  Have a great season Audrey!!!


MS boys Basketball Gold team 'Let it Shine' Athlete:

Sheldon Hackett is Coach Kris Hall's nomination for the' Let it Shine' Athlete. Sheldon has been growing more and more as a point guard and leader. He has been more assertive with the ball and has been a leading scorer as of late. Good things to come from this young athlete!!! Have a great season Sheldon.

The JH boys basketbal Gold team 'Let is Shine' Athlete:

Joseph Turner is Coach Jeff Black's nomination for the "Let it Shine Athlete" this season.  Joe Turner has clearly shown himself to be a great ambassador for the "Let it Shine Athlete" award. He demonstrates dedication in all that he does on and off the court. Through a humble attitude and kind heart he quietly exercises leadership while promoting excellence through teamwork. He continually improves his abilities with a great attitude of listening and applying what is taught. 

Joseph displays an exemplary spiritual testimony. Always one of the first to volunteer to step in to pray for our team and he engages himself in team conversation of spiritual matters. It is easy to see his true faith in his life verse of "Proverbs 3:5-6".