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Fall Sports Parent Meeting

Attention Parents of Athletes:

All parents of athletes must attend one of three sports parent meetings per year school year.  On Monday, July 30th, we will be hosting our first meeting of the school year at 6pm at the Town Square at Traders Point High School.  Please contact me with questions or concerns at amisner@tpcs.org.  Thanks and God bless.

Amanda Misner

MS/JH Physical Education

MS/JH Athletic Director



Athletic Volunteers Needed for 2018

Attention:  Get your volunteer hours through Athletics!!!!!

Hi parents!  Please take a look at the following dates and slots to see if you can help run our home games this season. Remember that these hours go towards your required service hours.  High school students may also fulfill their service hours by volunteering at home athletic events.  We look forward to working with you to make our athletic department great!!  Contact Amanda Misner with questions at amisner@tpcs.org.

Click Here:

Fall Sport Volunteer Sign up



Fall 2018 Sports Sign-Ups- Register Now!

The time is now to sign up for the Fall Sports Season! Please click on the link below to get your student-athlete signed up!

Returning Users- If you've already registered for a sport in the past, then simply log in, and click on the additional Spring Sport that you are now registering for. You should not have to re-enter all of your information.

New Users- Please go through entire registration process if this is the first sport that you are registering for this year.

Physical forms (can be found at http://www.tpcs.org/co-curricular/docsandforms.cfm) can either be attached on the website while registering, or can be turned into Amanda Misner.  Note- stamped signatures from physicians will not be accepted!

As a reminder, student athletes must be registered through this program before they are eligible to compete in a practice or contest for our school.

Fall Sports

5-8th grade co-ed Cross Country

5/6th grade co-ed Soccer

7/8th grade co-ed Soccer

5/6th grade boys Football

7/8th grade boys Football

5/6th grade girls Volleyball

7/8th grade girls Volleyball

7/8th grade girls Cheerleading

For more information, please plan to attend the Mandatory Fall Sport Parent Meeting on July 30th in the High School Town Square at 6pm.

Contact Amanda Misner for questions or concerns at amisner@tpcs.org.

Register Here- https://traderspoint-ar.rschooltoday.com/


Order your Physical Education Gear for 2018-19

Mrs. Misner's PE store is reopened until 5/31/18.  See below for details:

Attention 5-8th grade Parents:

If your son/daughter will be in grades 5-8 next year, it is a physical education requirement for Mrs. Misner, to wear a Traders Point t-shirt, comfortable exercise pants/short, and athletic shoes for every physical education class.  BSN has made a Traders Point Christian Academy team store where you can purchase new TPCA physical education gear.  It is not a requirement to wear any of the items, however, if your son/daughter does not have a TP t-shirt, comfortable exercise shorts/pants, and/or a phys. ed. gear bag, it is worth ordering for next year.  The store closes May 31st.  Please see flyer for product details and ordering.  Email Mrs. Misner at amisner@tpcs.org if you have any questions.  Thanks.

Shop the Traders Point PE Store

Hurry, shops closes 05/31/2018.

In Christ,

Amanda Misner

TPCA Athletic Director

5-8th grade Physical Education


Athletic Eligibility Information

No Pass, No Play policy--Student athletes must be passing all of their classes in order to participate in TPCA athletics.  Eligibility reports will be run mid quarter and quarterly.  Any F will result in that student being ineligible from sport competition until the next eligibility report.  An appeal can be made should satisfactory improvement be shown and approved by the Athletic Director.  Satisfactory improvement = C- or better.  In order for parents to appeal an eligibility ruling, the student may not be failing any other classes along with the grade in question being raised to at least a C-.  It is the coach's decision to allow the ineligible student to participate in practice during his/her ineligibility.  Please email Amanda Misner at amisner@tpcs.org with questions and concerns.  Thank you.


MS/JH Athletic Director Message

Welcome to Traders Point Christian Academy Middle and Junior High Athletics!!!! My aim with involvement in athletics has always been to help nurture and develop the body, mind, and heart of all students/athletes. Participating, teaching, and coaching sport has been a huge part my life from being a gymnast at the youngest age to playing collegiate basketball and softball. Throughout my experiences in multiple roles in sport, I have realized the importance of the positive influences of sport. From learning to physically push myself during pre-season training, to lifelong memories and bonds with teammates, to the words and actions of the coaches in my past, to the bonds I will forever have with the athletes I have coached….SPORT has formed me into the woman I am today and it continues to form millions of young athletes daily. Sport forms all who participate in it and it is important. My desire to teach and coach to the ENTIRE student/athlete, foster healthy relationships with students, athletes, parents, coaches, and administration combined with my love of Christ has led me here to the beautiful Traders Point Christian Academy. Our mission here is to show Christ’s love through sport and to nurture every dimension of the student athlete and I am so happy to be a part of such a wonderful program.

Romans 12: 4-5

"For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others."

Amanda C. Misner 
MS/JH Athletic Director
7/8th Physical Education Teacher
Email: amisner@tpcs.org Phone: 317-769-2450



Traders Point Christian Academy is committed to developing and maintaining an athletic program that is Christ centered, comprehensive, competitive and allows each athlete a unique venue to be a witness for Christ by using his or her God given talents. We see our athletes in 3 dimensions; body, mind, and spirit. The purpose of the extremely influential coaching platform is to inspire, motivate, and produce positive change within the coach’s sphere of influence. As an athletic staff, we are acutely mindful of the physical, moral, social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of our athletes. By cultivating every aspect of the lives of our athletes, we look to produce fundamentally and emotionally sound individuals on a life-long quest to live like Christ in ALL that they do.


Fall Sport List:

MS/JH Cross Country

MS Co-ed Soccer

JH Co-ed Soccer

MS Football

JH Football

MS Volleyball

JH Volleyball

JH Cheerleading  

Winter Sport List

MS Girl’s Basketball

JH Girl’s Basketball

MS Boy’s Basketball

JH Boy’s Basketball

JH Cheerleading

Spring Sport List

MS/JH Co-ed Track and Field

JH Baseball

MS/JH Golf

Open House