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TPCA couldn’t function without our dedicated staff. Our staff, all followers of Jesus Christ, focus on ministry to students and their families through striving for excellence in instruction and administration.

Teachers - We believe teachers not only instruct, but also serve as role models for their students.

Success - We believe success in education is reflected in a child’s confidence and ability to apply what he or she has learned to situations outside the classroom.

Application - We believe it is important for the principles of Christ-like living to be learned and practiced every day by the Christian community, for the world to see.

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Name Title Group Email Phone Web site
*Data, Entry
Ahmed, Rebecca RTI/Resource Teacher - Lebanon Email
Anderson, Lisa RTI/ Resource Teacher - Lebanon Email
Anstead, Stuart Dining Services Mgr Email
Armstrong, Brittany HS English Teacher Email
Baker, Stephanie Assistant Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Barr, Jacqueline Email
Barton, Amy 1st Grade Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Barton, Emily Email
Blair, Wendy Early Childhood Assistant Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Bracken, Cheri Director of Accounting Email 317-769-2450
Brendel, Natalee Email
Broderick, Susan Food Service Email
Brown, Lisa Early Childhood Lead Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Bush, Rachel K-8 Spanish Teacher Email
Byely, Debra Early Childhood Principal Email 317-769-2450
Cherry-Ford, Kristye Dining Services Email 317-769-2450
Christensen, Laura Nurse Email 317-769-2450
Clayton, Vern Elementary PE Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Collier, David HS Bible Teacher Email
Collier, Emily K-8 Admissions Email
Cook, Brian 2nd Grade Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Cooney, Janet 2s Assistant Teacher Email
Cox, Kraig Director of Operations Email 317-769-2450
Cramer, Carla Kindergarten Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Curry, Elizabeth Early Childhood Assistant Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Day, James 3rd Grade Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Denmark, Roxanna JH Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher Email
Elkins, Mia Email
Falk, Alaina Dental Hygienist Email
Frasure, Louise 2nd Grade Teacher Email
Furnish, Shawnna Early Childhood Instructional Assistant Email
Gaafar, Joe CFO & Director of Finance Email 317-769-2450
Gallagher, Ryan Chief Advancement Officer Email
Gilbert, Dawn Co-Director of Summer Programming Email 317-769-5557
Gottschalk, Sandra Food Service Email
Guard, Tamara 3rd Grade Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Hackett, Sarah Junior High Math Teacher Email
Hafer, Sara Food Service Email
Hall, Kris Facilities Supervisor Email 317-769-2450
Ham, Jack Guidance Counselor Email
Harrah, April School Media Specialist Email 317-769-2450
Hartman, Monica EC Admin. Assistant Email 317-769-2450
Hines, Mia Food Service Email 317-769-2450
Ho, Thomas Director of Technology Email 317-769-2450 Web site
Huff, Jennifer 4th Grade Teacher Email
Huston, Rachel Band Teacher Email
Jackson, Scott JH Science Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Johnson, Marshall JH Bible Teacher Email
Johnson, Mindy EC Admissions/Recruitment/Int'l. Program Email
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