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TPCA couldn’t function without our dedicated staff. Our staff, all followers of Jesus Christ, focus on ministry to students and their families through striving for excellence in instruction and administration.

Teachers - We believe teachers not only instruct, but also serve as role models for their students.

Success - We believe success in education is reflected in a child’s confidence and ability to apply what he or she has learned to situations outside the classroom.

Application - We believe it is important for the principles of Christ-like living to be learned and practiced every day by the Christian community, for the world to see.

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Name Title Group Email Phone Web site
Johnson, Mindy EC Admissions/Recruitment/Int'l. Program Email
Johnson, Wyatt Email
Kowal, Leslie HS Admissions and Student Life Email 317-769-2450
Krueger, Tracy Resource Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Langford, Teri FSA Coordinator Email
Lucht, Kristi 6th Grade Teacher Email
Lucht, Peter HS Math Teacher Email
Malott, Amy HS Spanish Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Marowelli, Tenille 4th Grade Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Merrifield, Melinda EC Instructional Assistant Email 317-769-2540
Midcalf, Alyssa HS Math Email
Morphey, Alison Early Childhood Lead Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Morris, Devan K-8 Music Teacher Email 3177692450
Morris, Molly EC Assistant Teacher Email
Mylin, Nathan Lower School (K-6) Principal Email 317-769-2450
Niehaus, Anne Early Childhood Instructional Assistant Email 317-769-2450
Pavey, Kristi EC Assistant Teacher Email 7656861790
Pratt, Nicole Academy Receptionist Email 317-769-2450
Quilhot, Heather Director of Records and HR Email 317-769-2450
Reed, Chelsea 5th Grade Teacher Email
Remender, Tina Early Childhood Lead Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Robbins, Nicole High School Chemistry Teacher Email
Roell, Alex HS Math Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Rust, Julie Student Billing Coordinator Email
Schaffer, Shane Dean of Spiritual Formation Email 317-769-2450
Schlesinger, Kristi 1st Grade Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Schwerin, Cody HS Social Studies Teacher Email
Shaver, Rachelle Early Childhood Assistant Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Simmons, Lucinda Early Childhood Lead Teacher Email
Smith, Chantel K-6 Administrative Assistant/Testing Coordinator Email 317-769-2450
Smith, Ginger K-12 Art Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Smith, Jenni Email
Stamper, Angie Early Childhood Lead Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Stevenson, Adam High School Athletic Director Email 317-769-2450
Theademan, Jessa Early Childhood Assistant Teacher Email
Timberman, Mark 6th Grade Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Underwood, Melissa Executive Assistant to Head of School Email
Urban, Macy Para-Professional RTI Email
Wachtor, Mathew HS English Teacher Email
Wassner, Jon Outdoor and Environmental Education Email
Wassner, Kelly Early Childhood Lead Teacher Email 317-769-2450
Weakley, Carol Email
White, David HS Science Email
Wiatt, Kayla MS/JH Athletic Director Administration, K-6 Faculty and Staff Email 3177692450
Williams, Paul Head of School Email 317-769-2450
Williams, Phyllis HS Receptionist/Administrative Assistant to Upper School Principal Email 317-360-0468
Wood, Rebecca Kindergarten Teacher Email
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