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High School

High School

9th-12th Grade


Many families want their children to be educated within a biblical worldview, in a place where they are known and loved.  They desire a school that will partner with them to prepare and equip their children to impact the world for Christ.


We are Traders Point and this is what we do.

Traders Point is located in the fastest growing area in Indiana, and is among the top ten fastest growing communities in the country.  Although Christian schools in our country are closing their doors every day, we are thriving as the only private pre-K – 12th grade school serving this area.

We believe God has prepared us for this opportunity. We have to grow to meet the needs of our community!

Therefore, we’re building a NEW HIGH SCHOOL FACILITY which will give us the ability to serve hundreds more families every year. Construction is ahead of schedule and our campaign is nearly complete.  We will open our doors next Fall, 2017.  

This is YOUR TIME.  This is YOUR SPACE. 


Don’t be a number… Be a KNIGHT.  

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