About Us

High School


Traders Point Christian High School offers a wide range of classes. The curriculum— varied and challenging—aims high. We want to foster our students intellectual growth, helping them become young adults who can think for themselves—and advocate for themselves, too.

Our course requirements form the basis for our student academic program, but there are a number of ways for students to build an exciting program that allows them to follow their individual passions and explore new interests. Whether they are college bound, plan to learn a trade or enter the workforce directly, there is an academic path for their success.

Through programs such as J-Term and our Sevenstar online course options students can learn to "explore beyond the box". All students have the chance to travel internationally to deepen their language and cultural skills, explore God's calling on their life as they travel the western US visiting various universities and ministries or experience local ministry in Indianapolis first-hand. Our sophomores, juniors and seniors may choose from a wide variety of biblically based online high school courses or dual-credit courses offering both high school and early college credit. And let's not forget MakerSpace - our 21st Century version of Industrial Arts & Home Economics programs. In MakerSpace, students can work with 3D printing, design using technology, utilize laser cutters, sewing machines, hand tools and electronics to create & build, testing their ideas to learn through success and maybe sometimes failure. 

Our goal as teachers is to offer a curriculum that interests, engages and inspires our students, one that speaks to the broad-ranging curiosity of children, invites active exploration, awakens creative response and builds a sense of self awareness. Our departmental structure and innovative facility design not only allows us an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in our field both across and within our divisions, it creates and fosters an environment in which we are constantly challenging ourselves as educators, learning from one another's experiences, reassessing our roles in the classroom and adapting our curriculum to meet the ever-changing and individual needs of our students in today's world.