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Monday - February 27, 2017
K-8: Pizza, Potato wedges, Salad, Apricots
HS1: Pizza, Potato wedges, Salad, Peas and carrots, Apricots, Grapes
HS2: Chicken and Noodles with above sides.
Tuesday - February 28, 2017
K-8: Mini Corn Dogs, Baked Beans, Corn, Pears.
HS1: Mini corn dogs, Baked beans, Corn, Waffle fries, Pears, Orange.
HS2: Chilli Dogs, with above sides.
Wednesday - March 1, 2017
K-8: Hamburger, Fixin's, Fries, Fruit cocktail
HS1: Hamburger, Fixin's, Salad, Fries, Fruit cocktail, Orange.
HS2: Grilled chicken salad with garlic bread, plus above sides.
Thursday - March 2, 2017
K-8: Chicken Fajitas, Bell Peppers, Refried Beans, Apple sauce.
HS1: Chicken Fajitas, Bell peppers, refried beans, corn, apple sauce, grapes.
HS2: Quesadillas with above sides.
Friday - March 3, 2017
K-8: Omelet, pancake, cherry toms, Hash brown, Grapes.
HS1: Omelet, Pancake, Waffle, Hash brown, Grapes, Banana
HS2: Egg and sausage plus above sides.

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