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Logging Hours


Our TPCA families will be tracking their own Family Service hours through Renweb. Follow the steps below to enter your hours.

  1. Log into Renweb (contact Heather Quilhot at hquilhot@tpcs.org if you have trouble with your renweb account)
  2. Click the FAMILY INFORMATION tab
  3. Choose adult to credit with service hours
  4. Click on SERVICE HOURS tab on the right side of the screen
  6. Enter the following information:

-Date of service

-Choose the best description from drop down list box

-Enter the hours served (1/2 hour increments)

-Note (further description if needed, e.g., athletic event served, if grandparents served the hours, or if the drop down list box doesn’t fully describe your service)

-Verified by (staff/faculty in charge of task).

Please note: ALL fields must be entered to ensure proper service credit.

Contact Lisa Carr at lcarr@tpcs.org or Teri Langford at tlangford@tpcs.org with any questions.