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We have had many of our parents express how positive this program has been for them as well as for the school. Some of the comments that we've been hearing include:


"...I am so thankful to be at a school that encourages my involvement with my kids.  I love being welcomed to serve at TPCS, and am blessed by being a part of what’s happening with my children at school!" Allison Clem, mother of Andrew and Michael


"...The Family Service Hours program has been a blessing for our family in not only giving us opportunities to serve the school, but even more to make us feel a part of the community. We have gained many friends and count it a joy to be involved!" Alaina Falk, mother of Calvin, Patrick, Titus and Emmarie


"...Our family has thoroughly enjoyed the Service Hours that we provided at TPCA during the 2014-2015 school year. At the beginning of the year, I was actually wondering how we would get [40] hours in, but by the end of August, I knew it would be no problem at all...Completing our requirement for service hours was 100 times more fulfilling for our family that I'm sure it was to the school..." Laura Boll, mother of Ella.


"...I feel like I've gained much more than I have given." Sharon Walker, grandmother of Jacy Hill (TPCHS graduate).