Monday - September 27, 2021
K-12: Orange chicken, Broccoli and carrots, Steamed rice, Mandarin orange
K-12: General Tso's chicken with above sides.
EC: Popcorn Chicken, whole grain roll, Green Beans, Apple Sauce - Milk
7-12 Lunch
Tuesday - September 28, 2021
E-Learning - Teacher Day
EC: Sloppy Joe, Mashed Potato, Green beans, Apple sauce - Milk
Wednesday - September 29, 2021
K-6: Chicken nuggets, Baked Beans, Salad, Green beans, Mashed potato, Fruit
K-6: Country fried steak with above HS sides
EC: Hot Dog, Broccoli, Carrots, Apple Sauce - Milk
7-12 Lunch
Thursday - September 30, 2021
K-12: Chili with beans, Corn bread, Black beans and corn, Apple sauce
K-12: Burrito with above sides
EC: Chicken Rings, Tater tots, carrots and Peas, Mixed fruit - Milk
7-12 Lunch
Friday - October 1, 2021
K-12: Cheese Pizza, Chips, Veggies, Peaches
K-12: Pepperoni Pizza with above sides
EC: Cheese Pizza, Chips, Veggies, Peaches - Milk
7-12 Lunch